Amber Room

Equipment And Room Features:

  • Yamaha Rock Drum Kit On A Drum Riser 
  • Conga Drums
  • Trace Elliot GP7 Bass Head with 4x10 Cab
  • Marshall JCM 900 Twin Speaker Valve Combo
  • Marshall 30th Anniversary  Combo 
  • Peavey Valve King Valve Guitar Head
  • Peavey 4x12 Guitar Cab
  • Hughes & Ketner 4x12 Guitar Cab
  • Vox Keyboard Amp
  • P.A System With Dual 15 Speakers And Yamaha Powered Floor Monitor And Alto Mixing Desk
  • 3 Mics As Standard
  • Comfortable Seated Area
  • Room Soundproofed & Acoustically Treated For A Great Sound
  • Entrance Lobby With Automatic Lighting
  • Heated Room
  • Toilets & Smoking Area Close by
Internal Equipment Hire Price
Fender Delux Combo £5.00 Per Session
Cymbal Pack £5 Per Session
Booking Fees Price
2 Hour Rehearsal Session £30.00
3 Hour Rehearsal Session £35.00
Weekly Block of 4/3 Hour Rehearsal Sessions £120.00 (when paid in advance).
Special Rates For Daytime Sessions Mon-Thurs £25.00 (For 3 hours)
Speacial Daytime Rates For Solo Artists Please Contact Us for Details