Smart Home Tutorials

Learn how to turn your home, bedroom or studio into a smart automated home or studio with a small budget. Step by step tutorials you will learn how to make any device with a IR or RF remote control into a device that can have automations, routines and voice commands that you can command with Google Home, Alexa and Seri.

Build your smart home up in your own time and automate your lighting, sockets and even motorize and voice command your blinds and much, much more________. "Hey Google Its Movie time"  Blinds shut, TV turns on launches Netflix or Prime, dims the lights turns on mood lighting and turns on the fire!  endless possibilities once you learn the basics you can advance to have much more control over your smart home with touch screen panels that can control everything from a push of a button so you are not shouting out voice commands at 3am
and waking the whole house up! 


Watch This Space for links to available  products and video tutorials will be published here soon!